Programmer’s Picks

A selection of movie and series highlights from the Hollywood Suite programming team.

Wreck Season 2

Jamie and his misfit friends are on the run. It’s do or die as they infiltrate a mysterious wellness festival. But it’s going to be the total opposite of a healing experience. LEARN MORE

Pride Collection

Celebrate Pride Month with this collection of Queer Cinema! VIEW THE FULL COLLECTION

New this Month

There’s always something new on Hollywood Suite! View All New Titles

Last Chance

Don’t miss out – catch these titles before they’re gone! View More

Mr. Bates vs. The Post Office

Mr. Bates Vs The Post Office is the true story of Alan Bates’ 20-year fight against wrongful accusations by the Post Office, exposing one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British legal history. LEARN MORE

Potluck Ladies

Three newly immigrated South-Asian women navigate their own unique challenges in life while forming friendships that give them hope, companionship, and a little courage to break the rules.

Until I Kill You

This UK true crime drama miniseries tells the story of how Delia Balmer survived a series of violent attacks by boyfriend John Sweeney, to pursue a traumatic journey to justice. LEARN MORE

Blumhouse's Compendium of Horror

Revisit the shocks and scares from iconic cinematic horror moments from the 1930s to today with the five-part documentary series Blumhouse’s Compendium of Horror. Learn More

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