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What is Hollywood Suite?

Hollywood Suite is the home of the movies that shaped the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. Reconnect with a favourite film, or discover a new one – with hundreds of movies a month, there’s always something to watch on Hollywood Suite. And they’re always uncut and commercial-free, so you can experience them the way they were meant to be seen on 4 HD channels and Hollywood Suite On Demand.

What about the classics from before the 70s?

When we asked our viewers what they wanted to see on Hollywood Suite, “the classics” was a regular request. And we understand, because we love the classics too! That’s why we regularly program pre-70s classics, including every Thursday night on Hollywood Suite 70s Movies. We also are proud to show selections from Janus Films and The Criterion Collection every Saturday, including many masterpieces from before 1970. You can also find classics and masterpieces from Janus Films and The Criterion Collection on Hollywood Suite On Demand.

Where can I find a list of movies on Hollywood Suite?

Visit our Movies page to explore our collection by decade or genre, or check out our Schedule to browse what’s coming up soon.

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How many movies do you show per month on TV?

Hollywood Suite airs approximately 400-600 movies each month. And they’re always uncut and commercial-free, because who wants to spend three and a half hours watching a two hour movie with all the good parts cut out?

How often does Hollywood Suite update its movie lineup?

Every month! We are always adding new films to the catalogue. Can’t find the movie that you want? Let us know at and we’ll see if we can find it.

How often is the Hollywood Suite On Demand lineup refreshed?

We offer a selection of new movies every month, however the content and availability of Hollywood Suite On Demand may vary by Television Service Provider.

What percentage of your content is Canadian?

Hollywood Suite is proud to celebrate Canada’s talented filmmakers, showcase our cinematic legacy, and encourage future screen storytellers. Currently a minimum of 35% of our programming is Canadian.

Why are there sometimes movies from different decades on the same channel?

Our viewers have told us that the classics are important to them, so we’ve dedicated some time on Hollywood Suite 70s Movies to essential movies from before 1970.

Additionally, because few Canadian films produced from the 1970s–1990s are available in HD, we schedule some later Canadian films across our channels to meet our commitment to supporting Canadian film.

What is a Television Service Provider?

A Television Service Provider is a company that delivers television channels and programming to homes via cable, satellite, fibre optic or the internet. You can find a list of providers that carry Hollywood Suite on our Subscribe page.

How can you show older movies in HD?

Because they have to look great on huge theatre screens, movies have always been shot on very high quality film. Our movies have been digitally converted from those high quality studio master prints to the HD industry standard.

Can I watch Hollywood Suite on my smartphone or tablet?

Many Television Service Providers offer Hollywood Suite programming on streaming apps for smartphones and tablets. You can find more details here.

Can I watch Hollywood Suite on my computer?

Many Television Service Providers offer Hollywood Suite programming on a streaming website. You can find more details here.

What happened to HSGO?

Our Television Service Provider partners have invested heavily in expanding and developing better ways to deliver more on demand content to their subscribers on a wide variety of platforms. We have decided to invest further in enriching and expanding the selection of films and series on Hollywood Suite, and focus on our partners’ platforms to ensure the very best experience for our subscribers.

Shutting down HSGO was a difficult decision to make, however we believe this will better enable us to expand the selection of films and series we offer and provide a more robust experience for our valued subscribers.

Few Hollywood Suite subscribers used HSGO, and instead used their Television Service Providers’ on demand platforms, apps and websites to access Hollywood Suite content. The offering between HSGO and your Television Service Provider’s on demand and streaming platforms is identical, so you’ll still get the same great selection of titles. You can find more details about your streaming options here. You can contact your TV Service Provider to learn more about the streaming options they may offer or reach us at

Who do I contact if I am having problems with my Hollywood Suite service?

Yikes! Let’s fix that ASAP!

Contact your Television Service Provider if you are experiencing technical difficulties with Hollywood Suite on your TV or on your Television Service Provider’s online on demand service or app. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us to report these problems as well.

How can I report an error on the Hollywood Suite schedule?

Oops! If you spot an error on your TV program guide or our website please contact us at

Does Hollywood Suite keep my personal information safe?

Hollywood Suite takes your privacy very seriously and your personal information is secure. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

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