Hollywood Suite Movie Madness
Hollywood Suite Movie Madness
Hollywood Suite Movie Madness

Ever dreamed of selecting which movies screen at your local cinema? With Hollywood Suite’s Movie Madness, you are the programmer!

It’s simple: Movies go head-to-head in a classic bracket until only one is standing. The winning title will be screened at the Revue Cinema, an independent cinema in our hometown of Toronto. Once a final winner is chosen, tickets will be available on the Revue Cinema website or at their box office for just $5 each.

Hollywood Suite Movie Madness - School's Out. You voted and the winner is... Stand By Me. Watch it at Toronto's Revue Cinema on Tuesday, June 25

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Do you have a favourite local cinema where you live? Tell us about it on social media, or send us a message at info@hollywoodsuite.ca!

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