Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

John Hughes’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is widely known as Hughes’s love letter to his hometown of Chicago. He captured many of the most beautiful aspects of the city, showcasing it in a specific time and encapsulating the feelings of excitement and importance that he felt growing up. It put Chicago in the limelight, proving that there was more to the city than Al Capone and (then all-star rookie) Michael Jordan. The film was a box office hit, placing it in the top 10 highest-grossing films of 1986.

Although the film was not Matthew Broderick’s first role, it was certainly his breakout, propelling him to super-stardom in the role of an ingenious, mischievous and charismatic guy – with a super cool bedroom – just trying to have a good time. Broderick’s performance doesn’t feel forced or put-on, and the genuine-yet-silly role allowed his portrayal of Ferris to touch people in meaningful ways. The film was a cultural sensation that continues to resonate with audiences to this day.

Ferris’s Room VR Experience

Step inside the mind of one of the coolest teenagers ever with Ferris’s Room.

Like most teenagers, Ferris Bueller’s bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep. A sanctuary, laboratory, recording studio, office, and shrine to the bands he loves, Ferris’s bedroom is an extension of his larger-than-life personality, a place to explore his interests, and of course, to cook up schemes.

Recreated by Canadian artist Sarah Keenlyside as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in Chicago in 2016, every inch of Ferris’s Room was photographed to create a 3D model, allowing you to visit and interact with the room in virtual reality.

Toss around Ferris’s baseball (Go Cubs!) or play his synthesizer. Sarah will share details on how she found or made Ferris’s prized possessions as you explore the room.

About Sarah Keenlyside

Sarah Keenlyside is a visual storyteller, artist and creative collaborator on projects ranging from documentary films, large-scale art installations, community events and culinary experiences. She is also co-owner and creative director of Toronto’s Chocolates X Brandon Olsen (2017 Wallpaper Magazine International Design Award winner) and Restaurant La Banane, both of which she co-founded together with her fiancé, chef Brandon Olsen.

Watch the documentary

Ferris’s Room tracks Toronto artist Sarah Keenlyside as she travels to Chicago to recreate Ferris Bueller’s iconic bedroom as part of celebrations for the 30th anniversary of John Hughes’s classic comedy. Director Ryan Mains documents Sarah’s process as she tracks down replicas of Ferris’s prized possessions, packs up her car for the cross-border trip, and works against the clock to get Ferris’s Room ready in time for the big day. Along the way, she faces unexpected challenges, meets super fans who keep the spirit of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off alive, and reveals how art (whether it’s a nostalgic installation or a lighthearted film) brings us together. Explore the documentary here.





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