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Cameron Maitland — Cameron is a writer, filmmaker and movie fan. He believes every movie artistically captures a unique moment in history and has an interesting story to tell. He is young enough to have missed the golden age of cinema but old enough to still own a VCR.

Police Story: How Jackie Chan Came Back From his First Attempt at Hollywood Success

For many North American viewers, Jackie Chan was a phenomenon of the 1990s. Starting with 1995’s Rumble In the Bronx, Jackie Chan briefly became the face of martial arts in Hollywood. But this wasn’t Jackie Chan’s first attempt to take Hollywood. Read More

How Victor/Victoria (1982) Revitalized the Careers of Power Couple Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews

Victor/Victoria (1982) is a film that sits so comfortably in the classic musical oeuvre it never gets talked about. In spite of that, it remains a forward-thinking, queer and funny musical that was q… Read More

Keep Your Eyes on These 2020 Film Independent Spirit Award Nominees

Awards season is upon us once again and as usual there are plenty of movies to catch up on. As always, the most exciting and eclectic selections comes with the Film Independent Spirit Awards nominatio… Read More

Ten 2020 BAFTA Nominees to Watch Out For

Awards season is heating up and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts have released the nominations for their 2020 BAFTA Film Awards. There isn’t a ton of time to catch up before our broad… Read More

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On Golden Pond – 1981’s Unconventional Blockbuster

Since the first films crossed the $100 million mark in 1975, studios have had their hearts set on so-called blockbusters pad their bottom line. In 1981, after epics like Rocky and Star Wars continued … Read More

Director Lawrence Kasdan knew music was the key to connecting with audiences, but filming a scene where characters speak over or dance to music can be challenging. Here are some of the techniques he t… Read More

Opened in 1978, and retaining the Eaton name even after the iconic Canadian retailer shut down in 1999, Toronto's Eaton Centre mall has lent its vaulted glass ceilings and exposed beams to a number of… Read More

Completed in 1863, Ontario's Legislative Building, better known to locals as Queen's Park, for the green space it is set in, is one of the largest remaining victorian structures in Toronto. It hasn't … Read More

Toronto's Yonge and Dundas Square, with it's enormous video screens and billboards, has become an on-screen stand-in for many of the world's famous gathering places. It has been used extensively in co… Read More

Toronto's futuristic City Hall, designed by Finish architect Viljo Revell and completed in 1965, has lent its image to many science fiction films and tv shows, most famously Resident Evil Apocalypse. … Read More

A perfect stand-in for US Ivy League schools and gothic British universities, The University of Toronto's historic St. George Campus is a frequent filming location. Canadian film fans might recognize … Read More

Perhaps not immediately recognizable, LA's John Marshall High School has been featured in dozens of films and TV shows that required a classic collegiate setting. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bachelor Pa… Read More

Built in 1860 as a reservoir, today Echo Lake is surrounded by an iconic urban park. Films like Chinatown, The Black Dahlia, Training Day and Volcano all visit Echo Park to help establish their Los An… Read More

Most famous as a location for Blade Runner, LA's Bradbury Building has been a set for many films, all the way back to the 1940s film noir boom. It has also made a name for itself as a location for per… Read More

Artist Chris Burden's 2008 installation "Urban Light" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has become one of modern LA's iconic scenes. So far, it has only appeared in a few LA-set films, like Gary… Read More

Opened by Queen Victoria in 1871, London's Royal Albert Hall is among the world's most iconic live music venues. It has appeared in films such as Spice World and Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew To… Read More

Opened by Queen Victoria in 1871, London's Royal Albert Hall is among the world's most iconic live music venues. It has appeared in films such as Spice World and Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew To… Read More

White Men Can’t Jump – What We Love About the 1992 Streetball Classic

Hollywood Suite film expert Cam Maitland shares what he loves about the 1992 streetball film White Men Can't Jump, starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, including the authentic shooting location… Read More

How Steven Spielberg Handpicked Robert Zemeckis to Direct I Wanna Hold Your Hand

As executive producer, Steven Spielberg convinced Universal to allow the untested Robert Zemeckis to direct the 1978 Beatlemania film I Wanna Hold Your Hand by personally pledging to take over the rol… Read More

Best known as the site of coronations and royal weddings, Westminster Abbey has also been used as a location for films like The Darkest Hour and The Young Victoria. Notably, it is also the final resti… Read More

Hollywood Suite's Cam Maitland visits London's Marylebone Station, which has been featured in numerous films, including The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Long Go… Read More

Eddie and the Cruisers: The Fascinating and Bizarre True Story of the “Palace of Depression”

The 1983 film Eddie and the Cruisers features a recreation of a strange New Jersey landmark made of sand, clay, and trash as a testament to human ingenuity in the face of the great depression. Find… Read More

The Controversial and Provocative Exploitation Thriller <i>The Little Girl who Lives Down the Lane</i>

Something you tangle with often as a fan of unusual and controversial movies is: “why should anyone watch this?” This comes up especially with movies which by their nature are provocative and cross lines in an attempt to sell more tickets. Read More

Ten Terrifying Titles to Thrill you this Shocktober

Horror fans rejoice! It’s that time of year where you grab your candy and pumpkins and gather around the TV for Scary Movie Marathons, and this Shocktober we’re bringing you a diverse slate of spooky titles to get your blood pumping. Read More

Juno: The Canadian Connections Behind the 2007 Box Office Hit

Did you know that the 2007 hit comedy Juno has a number of Canadian connections? In addition to being filmed in Vancouver, its director Jason Reitman and stars Ellen Page and Michael Cera are all Cana… Read More

Actor John Cazale gave his final performance in The Deer Hunter while seriously ill with cancer. When the studio discovered Cazale's illness they demanded he be removed from the project over the objec… Read More

I Wanna Hold Your Hand – The Nostaglic Beatlemania Film from Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis, best known for his special effects wizardry in his later films like Back to the Future and Forrest Gump, had his feature debut with his nostalgic take on Beatlemania with 1978's I Wan… Read More

Secrets & Lies: Mike Leigh’s Unique Filmmaking Process

The films of Mike Leigh often make a big splash come awards season, but outside of fans and the UK, they tend to fade from the limelight in North America. While he has been nominated for seven Oscars,… Read More

8 LGBTQ Films to Catch this Pride Month on Hollywood Suite

Why not celebrate Pride Month with some great LGBTQ films available this July on Hollywood Suite On Demand and Hollywood Suite GO.  Into the Forest (2015). Director Patricia Rozema has been bring… Read More

Squeaky-clean Disney Teen to Action Star: How John Carpenter Remade Kurt Russell

If you look at what Kurt Russell is “known for” in IMDB it’s pretty consistent with the image most people under the age of 40 have of him. Action star, sex symbol, ironically cocky lead of films… Read More

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Hit the Road with 1976’s The Gumball Rally

Racing is nothing new in movies, with the thrill of a good race pairing well with the visual spectacle of film. As car culture changed, so did the themes of the movies, and decade by decade you can track the trends. Read More

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Come visit sunny California in this 360° video of LA's Griffith Observatory, on of tinseltown's most storied filming locations. Dozens of films have shot scenes at the Griffith Observatory, includ… Read More

Prime Suspect: The groundbreaking crime series that was Helen Mirren’s big break

It seems, more than ever, people are drawn to crime stories. It seems every other series is finding a different way to look at detective work. Yet, even in this noisy genre, Prime Suspect still stands as one of the most important crime series ever to air. Read More

Ten 2019 Spirit Awards Nominees to Watch Out For

Unlike many awards shows that expect you to have seen every nominee, the Film Independent Spirit Awards often promotes films that have yet to be released or may have snuck by you without notice. We th… Read More

Ten 2019 BAFTA Nominees to Watch Out For

With awards season is in high gear, it can be hard to keep track of all the nominees. To help you get ready for the EE British Academy Film Awards coming up on February 10 only on Hollywood Suite, her… Read More

The Best of BAFTA: Past Nominees and Winners to Watch

With the 2019 EE British Academy Film Awards airing February 10th on Hollywood Suite, we’ve got the cure for your BAFTA fever with 10 past winners and nominees you can watch in February! Tinke… Read More

Guest Role: Christopher Guest’s Mockumentary Ensemble

As a comedic director, Christopher Guest is known for surrounding himself with a group of offbeat improvisers that give his films a realistic but hilarious edge. This troupe of actors come back, movie after movie, to lend their special touch. Read More

As the Halloween approaches and Shocktober takes up our airwaves, we thought we’d talk to a professional makeup artist about their favourite scary movies, some of the best makeup FX films out there and what makes great movie makeup. Read More

Shocktober is here! 20 Scary Movies to Catch Before Halloween

It's the most wonderful time of the year (for horror film fans)! Shocktober has returned, and we’re bringing you TONS of titles (seriously,  50 of them – check out the full list here) so we thoug… Read More

Alma Reville: Recognizing The Contribution of Alfred Hitchcock’s Wife and Collaborator in the #MeToo Era

There’s no getting around the fact that Alfred Hitchcock was, to put it very mildly, unkind to his actresses. In the era of Time’s Up and #MeToo it’s hard to ignore performers who recalled the bullying and abuse Hitchcock used to achieve his vision. Read More

New in September on Hollywood Suite!

Check out these 25 great movies that are new in September on Hollywood Suite! Read More

What <i>White Men Can’t Jump</i> Got Right and Why You Should Watch It

Though White Men Can’t Jump is a movie well remembered by those of us who were around in the 90s, it seems to have fallen out of the cultural conversation. The tale of two Los Angeles basketball hustlers played by Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson had a m Read More

Stepping Up: How Salma Hayek Claimed her Place in Hollywood

Starstruck – A constellation of the biggest stars of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s is lighting up Hollywood Suite this summer! This year when I attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards I got an… Read More

<i>Pete ‘N’ Tillie</i> – Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett Shine in a Forgotten Classic

One frustrating reality of being a movie fan is realizing how often well-reviewed movies with notable performances just get lost with time. Whether it’s rights issues, changing audience favour or ju… Read More

<i>Hotel Transylvania</i> – Animated fun for the whole family (grown-ups too!)

With plenty of big animation features coming out every year, it’s easy to miss what’s popular and well conceived. You might be surprised to learn this year sees the release of a THIRD in the Hotel Transylvania franchise. Read More

Five <i>Planet of the Apes</i> Reboots that Never Made It Off The Ground

Tim Burton’s 2001 Planet of The Apes reboot won at the box office, but he stepped away from sequels citing its troubled production being one of the worst he’d ever tangled with. Still, Burton’s ability to make another Apes movie at all is a victory consid Read More

Five Father’s Day Films to Watch This Weekend

Father’s Day is a time to send appreciation to the fella who made ya, but it’s also a great time to sit back, relax and hang out with the best dads Hollywood has to offer. Fun dads, sexy dads, killer dads and emotional dads. Read More

Mr. July – How Will Smith went from Fresh Prince to King of the Box Office

Starstruck – A constellation of the biggest stars of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s is lighting up Hollywood Suite this summer! At the height of Will Smith’s celebrity he was nicknamed “Mr. July… Read More

New in June on Hollywood Suite!

Check out these great movies that are new in June on Hollywood Suite, including our first ever original film – the documentary Ferris's Room! Read More

Spotlight: Ferris’s Room VR

Like most teenagers, Ferris Bueller’s bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep. A sanctuary, laboratory, recording studio, office, and shrine to the bands he loves, Ferris’s bedroom is an extension of his larger-than-life personality, a place to ex Read More


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