Cameron Maitland — Cameron is a writer, filmmaker and movie fan. He believes every movie artistically captures a unique moment in history and has an interesting story to tell. He is young enough to have missed the golden age of cinema but old enough to still own a VCR.

Bergman’s Wild Strawberries: An Echo In Time

It’s easy to see why Wild Strawberries film is part of The Criterion Collection. Beyond the beautiful images of rural Sweden, Bergman keenly blends the feel of a Hollywood melodrama and his own ability to plumb deeper emotions. Read More

The Canadian 80s Teen Movie You’ve Gotta See

The setup is a meeting of two classic 80s teen movie tropes: new girl from the city trying to find her way in a small town, and a young man struggling under parental pressure to be the best at sports. Read More

Muriel’s Wedding: A Comedic Swiss Watch

Muriel’s Wedding is an interesting time capsule of a type of comedy constructed from writing, filmmaking techniques and performance in a way very different from most modern comedies. Read More

The Unlikely Inspiration Behind Cruel Intentions

If the films of the 80s were obsessed with the upwardly mobile nouveau riche, the 90s had to tangle with the children born to those yuppies. Hollywood turned to an unexpected source of inspiration to portray this young new aristocracy: Classic literature. Read More

Boy, Have We Got A Vacation For You: Crichton’s Westworld

HBO’s Westworld TV series is the kind of slick, high-budget remake that tends to make an original property fade in the public consciousness. But while 1973’s film Westworld may look old-fashioned … Read More

Something Special: The Comedic Trio of Douglas, Turner and DeVito

For Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito, much of the sense of humour that made them household names came from three hit films of the 1980s: Romancing The Stone, The Jewel of The Nile and The War of The Roses. Read More

Indie Spirits: Not Just Another Awards Show

In the midst of awards season, it’s easy to look at the wave of shows and wonder: “Why should I care?” When it comes to the Film Independent Spirit Awards it's a no-brainer. Read More

10 Spirit Awards Nominees to Check Out

Does the list of Spirit Awards nominees have you feeling like you just don’t know where to begin? Here are 10 movies you might want to check out before the Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 25th! Read More

The True Story of the Cronenberg Film That Got Parliament’s Attention

David Cronenberg has received the Order of Canada, plenty of lifetime achievement awards and even a star on the walk of fame. But he was once one of the most debated and politically targeted directors in the country. Read More

Closer: Mike Nichols’ Master Adaptation

Mike Nichols was undoubtedly one of the greatest film directors of the 20th century. One skill he possessed that few others have mastered was his ability to adapt plays to film. Let's take a look at his final theatrical adaptation: 2004’s Closer. Read More

5 Reasons to Watch the BAFTAs

We’re joining in the glitz and glamour of the EE British Academy Film Awards! Here are five reasons you should watch the BAFTAs exclusively on Hollywood Suite – February 12 at 6pm ET. Read More

Ahead Of Its Time: Gus Van Sant’s Drugstore Cowboy

Gus Van Sant's groundbreaking film Drugstore Cowboy, which swept the 1989 Film Independent Spirit Awards, was ahead of its time thanks to its novel visual techniques and a realistic but creative depiction of drug use. Read More

Three Great 90s Movies By African-American Filmmakers

Sometimes even the biggest movie fan gets fatigued seeing the same story over and over. It’s good to remember Hollywood creates a lot of movies by the same kind of person, and a great way to get out of a rut is to seek out more diverse creators. Read More

Independent Streak: Sunshine State and the Work of John Sayles

Director John Sayles’ doesn’t easily fit a mould, and tends to sail under the radar. Nonetheless, his films, including Sunshine State, are worth checking out. Read More

Silverado: The 80s Western You’ve Gotta See

From the legendary writer of Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Silverado brings together an all-star cast in an epic 80s western any action-adventure fan will love. Read More

Five Reasons to Watch Seven Samurai

While its subtitles and runtime might be intimidating, I’ve got five reasons Seven Samurai should excite any action fan. Read More

The Day of the Locust: The Grim Reality of Old Hollywood

While the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” has existed almost as long as the movies themselves, The Day of the Locust brings to life the darker side of Golden Age of Hollywood. Read More

Le Confessionnal: A Quebecois Film With a Hitchcockian Twist

When Canadian theatre director Robert Lepage made his transition to film with 1995’s Le Confessionnal, he found a bridge between the Quebecois experience and audiences with someone a Hollywood film fan would already know and love: Alfred Hitchcock. Read More

John Huston’s Last Film: A Powerful Holiday Story Of Connection

Christmas movies can feel a bit cheesy, however, there are plenty of complex and lesser seen movies that take on the holidays from different perspectives. John Huston's last film, The Dead, is one of them. Read More

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A Cinematic Coming of Age: Two Formative Mexican Films

How two filmmakers who captured the essence of modern Mexican life creatively and beautifully got the attention of Hollywood. Read More

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Grishmas: 3 Grisham Movies To Watch

To describe John Grisham’s legal thrillers as a 90s movie phenomenon is putting it lightly. Sure, lawyers have long been on film, even taking on the spotlight in classics like the Perry Mason films of the 1930s and To Kill A Mockingbird, but in the 90s, G Read More

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Cocoon: A Graceful Closing Act

You probably remember 1985’s Cocoon best as a corny movie in your parent’s or grandparent’s VHS collection. The science fiction “fountain of youth” tale is undeniably sentimental, but like with most sentimental movies, examining the feelings behind it... Read More

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Remembrance Day Films To Watch

War movies sometimes stand out as unusual among film genres. Their reputation was tarnished by jingoistic propaganda films released early in cinematic history and especially in the period leading up to and during World War II. However, it’s important to n Read More

Was the 80s The Best Decade for Horror Movies?

Horror movies have existed as long as movies themselves, and while there have been great scary movies every decade, pretty much any fan would single out the 1980s as one of the greatest decades for horror. Read More

Three Early 90s Gems from the Coen Bros

It’s always interesting trying to understand the development and influences of a unique artist’s style, and there are few people with as unique a style in Hollywood today as the Coen brothers. Read More

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James Franco and Exploring the Role of an Artist

Since the days of Charlie Chaplin, it hasn’t exactly been groundbreaking for an actor to wear many hats, including writing and directing their own work: actors are artists after all. So why do so many people hate James Franco when he does it? Read More

Stage to Screen: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s a strange fact of the 70s that The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which would go on to be the movie with the longest theatrical run of all time, flopped twice when it was released. Read More

You Left the Bodies: The Poltergeist Curse

Over the years, plenty of film sets have been considered “cursed” with injuries and fatalities plaguing the cast, crew and fans. These are often horror movies, seen as “deviant” or full of sinister, supernatural content that is welcoming disaster in the e Read More

Shadow of the Vampire: Art, Horror and Mythology

By the year 2000, film was over a century old and had long been considered among the established art forms. Like anything with an antique past, the birth of film was now separated by generations and becoming the subject of its own mythology. This shadowy Read More

Sisters are doing it for themselves: 9 to 5 and Working Girl

The 1980s produced two of the greatest films about women in the workplace, but each had quite a different eye on issues and origins in different decades. 1980's 9 to 5 exists as much more of an ideologically 1970s movie, chronicling the decade’s surge... Read More

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How Mel Brooks Unleashed a Decade of Parody Movies

In the 1970s, Hollywood questioned the myths America was built on through gritty dramas and cultural examinations. When it came to questioning the myths Hollywood itself was built on though, that duty fell largely to comedians and created a massive boom i Read More

How Jason Statham Became an Action Icon

Looking at the cast of 2010’s The Expendables, Jason Statham might seem like your typical blockbuster action star alongside Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but his meteoric rise to success in the 00s is something truly unique. It took the vi Read More

Looking Back on Neill Blomkamp’s District 9

Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 is a fairly recent film to look back on, but it managed to be both a successful, critically acclaimed sci-fi film and an interesting look at how Hollywood was changing as it entered a new decade. Read More

The Huge Impact of 1999’s The Matrix

Stylish, visually groundbreaking, and from a team of relatively unknown directors, The Matrix and the Wachowskis became the talk of Hollywood in 1999. Its ability to mix philosophies, utilize film styles from around the world, and push the special effects Read More

Saving Private Ryan: Spielberg Brings The Horrors of War to Life

By the late 1990s, war was practically an abstract concept to a whole generation of North Americans. Civil unrest and wars in places like Kuwait, Rwanda and the Balkans seemed very distant from the relative safety of Canada and the US. This fact might be Read More

Men In Black: How Will Smith Became Out-of-this-World Famous

The box office hits of the 80s and 90s were built on the backs of Old Hollywood-style stars. Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Julia Roberts could ensure any movie would bring in a lot of money, but 1997 added a surprising contender to that list: Will Read More

Saturday Night Fever’s Lessons for Millennials

Mostly remembered nowadays for its fantastic Bee Gees disco soundtrack and John Travolta’s dancing, Saturday Night Fever is actually much deeper and more contemporary than it seems, making it a must-see movie. It’s a story engaged with a new generation in Read More

How The Da Vinci Code Became An Escapist Hit

The Da Vinci Code is a film viewed by critics and artists as a frustrating byproduct of the 00s. Critically panned, and protested by the church, it nonetheless was a highly anticipated and hugely successful movie among audiences. Read More

The English Patient: What’s Old Is New Again

1996 saw the birth of flip phones and the first rumblings of HDTV, so it may not be surprising that in such a tech-focused year, something old-fashioned stood out. Anthony Minghella’s adaptation of The English Patient was a surprise success... Read More

Brokeback Mountain: In the Midst of Social Change

In North America, increasing public support of LGBTQ rights in the early 2000s made a huge impact on Ang Lee's ability to tell the story of two cowboys in love. Read More

The Goonies: Ushering in a New Era of Films for Kids

Thrilling, scary and accurately representing kids as the loud, wild maniacs that they are: The Goonies is a great example of how the 80s redefined films for young audiences. Read More

How Beverly Hills Cop Broke Barriers

1984 was an important year for the movies. It saw releases of decade-defining classics like Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid, Police Academy, Footloose and Sixteen Candles. But, even with all those classics, the movie that topped the box office was something Read More

Pulp Fiction’s Watershed Moment

Often considered the first ‘Postmodern’ movie hit, Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction – with references to everything from the 1930s to the 70s – can feel like a film that exists outside of time. Its critical and box office success and lasting impact made i Read More

How Serpico Was Perfectly Timed to Make a Big Impact

When Sidney Lumet began shooting Serpico, he couldn’t have known how perfectly timed the film would turn out to be. Al Pacino was red hot, coming off of the success of 1972’s The Godfather, and the true story of whistleblowing cop Frank Serpico was... Read More

Adaptation and the Rise of the Music Video Director

Adaptation is a product of a new kind of film team that would dominate the 00s – a visually inventive director and a boundary-pushing writer. This new generation of directors had come up in an unexpected way. Read More

First Blood: How Sylvester Stallone Took Over Hollywood

The iconic image of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky may have begun his career as a leading man, but it wasn’t until 1982’s First Blood that he was taken seriously as a box office behemoth, leading him to star in 13 movies throughout the 80s. Read More

Canadian Connections: Heavy Metal

When MTV launched with The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star,” it made a bold statement about the role it would play in shaping the culture of the next decade. By the end of the week, our country dropped its own significant contribution to 80s culture Read More

The French Connection and the Gritty Realism of the 70s

The movies of the 70s are known for their gritty realism, and William Friedkin’s The French Connection (1971) paved the way for that trend by turning the classic cops-chasing-criminals movie genre on its head with innovation and style. Read More

Gladiator: The Rebirth of a Genre

The year 2000: The dawn of a new millennium, the height of the dot-com bubble, and just one year to go before we all found out if the fantastic future of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey would come to pass. Read More

How Ghost Became the Biggest Movie of 1990

It would be almost inconceivable that a romantic supernatural thriller about a woman reconnecting with her murdered lover through a psychic would go on to be the highest-grossing film of the year, but the 90s looked to be an optimistic new decade. Read More

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