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<i>Biutiful</i>: Iñárritu’s turning point

Alejandro González Iñárritu is one of those directors absolutely beloved by the Oscars, but who might not always reach the average viewer. His work is often long, poetic and frequently dips into grim and political subject matter you don’t see much outside Read More

Long live <i>Barbarella</i>, Queen of the Galaxy

1968’s Barbarella is an iconic cult masterpiece; one which a half-century after its release continues to incite orgasmic euphoria with its stunning, bizarre art direction, as well as the mesmerizing beauty and buoyant performance of its star, Jane Fonda. Read More

From Eye to I: Akira Kurosawa and the <i>Rashomon</i> Effect

It's only fitting there are so many stories about the making of Akira Kurosawa's groundbreaking Rashomon, because the movie itself is about the subjective and amorphous nature of narrative: the stories we tell tell stories about us. Read More

<i>Picnic at Hanging Rock</i>: An enduring mystery

"What we see and what we seem is but a dream. A dream within a dream.” Picnic at Hanging Rock is a beguiling, revisionist quasi-horror film conducted with a stylish flare that bestows a haunting, disturbing impression on viewers. Read More

<i>The Marriage Of Maria Braun</i>: Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s explosive masterpiece

Prodigious auteur, provocative storyteller, and visual innovator: German director, writer, actor, and producer Rainer Werner Fassbinder was the poster child of the New German Cinema of the 1970s, as well as one of film history’s most notorious renegades. Read More

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