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On February 18, Hollywood Suite takes Canadians across the pond to get up close and personal with the world’s biggest stars as they meet in London for the BAFTA Film Awards!

With the Absolutely Fabulous Joanna Lumley hosting, it promises to be an evening you won’t soon forget.


We’re so excited about the BAFTAs we couldn’t wait until February 18! We’ve lined up some of the best BAFTA-winning films of the past, including controversial favourites and films that could offer clues about this year’s winners.

Think you know who’ll win? Head over to the Hollywood Suite Connect blog to grab your copy our printable list of nominees!


Sunday, February 18 at 6pm ET, exclusively on Hollywood Suite 00s Movies.

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BAFTAs best film_2018_V1 BAFTAs best film_2018_V12 BAFTAs best film_2018_V13 BAFTAs best film_2018_V14 BAFTAs best film_2018_V15


BAFTAs best director_2018_V1 BAFTAs best director_2018_V12 BAFTAs best director_2018_V13 BAFTAs best director_2018_V14 BAFTAs best director_2018_V15


BAFTAs lead actress_2018_V1 BAFTAs lead actress_2018_V12 BAFTAs lead actress_2018_V13 BAFTAs lead actress_2018_V14 BAFTAs lead actress_2018_V15


BAFTAs lead actor_2018_V1 BAFTAs lead actor_2018_V12 BAFTAs lead actor_2018_V13 BAFTAs lead actor_2018_V14 BAFTAs lead actor_2018_V15


BAFTAs outstanding British film_2018_V1 BAFTAs outstanding British film_2018_V12 BAFTAs outstanding British film_2018_V13 BAFTAs outstanding British film_2018_V14 BAFTAs outstanding British film_2018_V15 BAFTAs outstanding British film_2018_V16

Visit for the full list of nominees

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